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Frequently Asked Questions .....
What is the parenthesis around the number to the right of the team and gymnast?
This reflects the number of meets that have been completed for that year for the team and the gymnast. It also reflects the number that has been used to average the score you may be looking at in the All Around scores page.
All around Team and Individual Scores?
Overall team scores is an average of the score for each meet divided by the number of meets, thus creating the average All Around Team score. Individual All Around scores are averaged the same way as Team Scores. This is how the ranking is done on the Page that has the league team and individual scores.
Does Gymnastats calculate team scores automatically?
Yes. All you need to do is to upload the individual scores into Gymnastats and for the meet Gymnastats will calculate the team score automatically. We use the standard top 4 scores from the team in that event to come up with the score that will be used in the calculation for the All Around Team Score.
What is the score upload process?
Here is the process: 1. You need to create a meet by selecting the 'Prepare for Meet' option. On that page select the 'Add New' button and select the teams that are part of your meet. After saving the newly created meet then 2. Download the spreadsheet for your newly created meet. On the 'Prepare Meet' page near the bottom select the meet and the date and press the download button. SAVE the spreadsheet to your computer. DO NOT Change the name of the spreadsheet. 3. Place your meet results in the downloaded spreadsheet. Make sure you do not edit any of the columns except for the V, Brs, Bm, F score section. Save the spreadsheet. 4. Log into Gymnastats and go to the 'Upload Score' page. Select Meet Name and Date and the location of the completed score spreadsheet. Then select the 'Upload' Button and all the scores will be added to your team and the other teams that were part of the meet.
How do I upload scores from my meet?
There are 2 ways: A. Send your results in an Excel spreadsheet to OR B. Follow the process to upload the spreadsheet yourself.
How much does it cost?
We will charge the league a yearly fee to use the site. The league can have multiple teams and each team can have multiple members. Please contact Scott Winter for pricing details. 763 222 3340
What level of gymnastics can use this site?
Gymnstats is geared toward housing statistics for any level as long as the league uses numbers for judging the routines and scoring.
How do I register with the site?
Use the link called 'Request for Registration' and drop us a message. We will email or call you back within 24 hours.